Hi, my name is Alvin Verga and I’m a Filipino internet entrepreneur, investor, and personal finance advocate. My dream is to live in a prosperous Philippines where majority of the citizens are financially literate and have an entrepreneurial mindset. I established the blog Filipino DigiPreneur to share my knowledge on personal finance, investing, and online entrepreneurship to help create more Filipino digital entrepreneurs and make my dream come true.

I am a graduate of Hotel & Restaurant Management and I have a background in Computer Science. My knowledge in personal finance and online entrepreneurship, however, is continually being acquired through reading blogs and books, watching online videos, and participating in webinars regarding those topics. I am also investing in stocks at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Lastly, I’m a Titanium Member of Unity Network, an online community that teaches and inspires people to live the life they want and to achieve their dreams by starting and building a profitable online business.