A Case Study on Online Marketing and How to Make Money Online

Online marketing is a wonderful opportunity. But only a few Filipinos have really started to figure out how to do it. So in this article, I’ll be showing my online marketing work and piece by piece we will dissect it. As you read this article, I want you to pay attention to these 3 parts:

  1. The product being sold.
  2. The sales funnel or how the product is being sold
  3. The traffic sources or where my website visitors are coming from.

These make up the 3 essential parts of every online marketing business, which are the 3 pieces every online marketer needs to make money. An online marketer who lacks understanding of these 3 essential parts will end up committing at least one of the 7 common mistakes in online marketing.

The online marketing work that I will show you is my mini project called Free BYOB. Free BYOB is a website that I started in August 2017 and it only took me less than 3 hours to build. This project now gives me passive income although it still requires a little bit of maintenance from time to time. The Free BYOB website is a little part of my business but I want to share this with you because of its simplicity.

Now let’s dissect this business. The affiliate products I’m promoting here are products about how to build an online marketing business. Personally, I’m very interested in the online marketing industry so I pursued this project. So the primary product I’m promoting is called Ascending Profit System or APS. This is a step-by-step training program created by Eduard Reformina, a leader in the online marketing industry. Basically, this product shows people how to create an online business and how to earn more money in online marketing. The product costs P2,990 and has an affiliate program paying out P1,000 per sale. It’s pretty cheap and the commission rate is also pretty good which is a little above 30 percent.

Now, how do I sell it? What is my sales funnel?

The great thing about most affiliate products is that they will have their own sales video presentations. This reduces the amount of work that you have to do by more than 50 percent because the product owner already provides you with a good sales video presentation. When you go to the Free BYOB website, you will see something like this:

So it’s an offer for a free ebook that reveals how to be your own boss, quit your job, and have financial freedom by building your own business. If you are a frustrated employee who wishes to resign from your work and create your own business, this book is very valuable. To get the ebook, all you have to do is input your name and email. When you click the SEND ME THE FREE EBOOK button, you will receive the ebook in your email inbox and at the same time, you will be taken to the sales video presentation.

This is not a video that I created, this was created by Eduard Reformina who is the product owner. So what I only did here was to set up a website that allows prospects to input their name and email and when they click SEND ME THE FREE EBOOK, they will be taken to the sales video presentation. Also, when they buy the product (APS) that is being offered in the presentation, then I get to earn the P1,000 commission. Easy, right?!

Now, remember the name and email that are needed to be entered in order to download the ebook, what happened to those? The name and email are saved into a database and through an autoresponder, I can send them pre-written email messages. The autoresponder that I’m currently using is called GetResponse and what you’re seeing in the image below is my email follow-up sequence. This is where I can add more value and give more training to people who signed up to download the BYOB ebook.

So what exactly do I send? I mean, what are the types of emails that I will send to subscribers after they have given their names and emails? Well, it’s a mix of valuable, free content and sales promotions. As I’m making this blog, there are only about 19 email follow-up messages in my autoresponder. Again, these are automatically received only by those who subscribed through the Free BYOB website and these are a mix of training and promotions for Ascending Profit System. Take note that in email marketing, it is important that the follow-up emails don’t just consist of promotions but these should be mixed with emails with real value as well.

Now, just in case you’re wondering, where do these emails come from? As online marketers, these emails are what we will have to write. Those emails you saw from the image above, I wrote them personally based on my personal experience in the online marketing industry and on my learnings from the Ascending Profit System training course. This is the reason why when you’re starting in online marketing, the market or niche that you choose should be something that you’re also interested in so that you would be willing to learn more about it.

So that’s my sales funnel. That’s how I promote Ascending Profit System, it is just a series of 19 emails.

Now let’s go to the last piece, the traffic sources. How did I get people on my website? For Free BYOB, I just relied on posting in forums and in Facebook groups.

As an example, let’s talk about how I drive traffic through forum posting. In many forums, you could set up what is called a ‘signature.’ This is a short text or link that will be placed at the end of your every forum post. This is what I placed in mine: FREE eBook: “How To Be Your Own Boss, Quit Your Job, and Have Financial Freedom By Building Your Own Business.” Now let’s see it in action.

Here in the Philippines, one of the largest forums is called Symbianize. So I created a profile in that forum and I became active in the Business and Employment and Business Opportunities threads of that forum. From time to time, I would give advice and share valuable tips to other forum members on how to improve their businesses and every time I posted, they get to see my signature.

Of course, not all forum members will take their time to read my signature, but a few do. If you generate enough posts and you’ll become active in that forum, then you will get clicks eventually. If someone clicks on that link, he or she would land on my Free BYOB website and he or she will see my sign up form. I keep posting daily and consistently and my links inside Symbianize were slowly growing. So that’s how I built my traffic source from forum posting. Also, from time to time, I share posts related to online marketing in various Facebook groups and on my Facebook page.

To recap, I showed here the steps I made in creating a simple online marketing business which include building a simple website, creating an email follow-up sequence, and driving traffic to it. If this is the first time that you’re about to embark on online marketing, it may take you longer than 24 hours. But after you do it once, you can replicate it again and again for different markets or different products for less than 24 hours because you now have the knowledge and experience to guide you.



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