7 Common Mistakes Beginners Make in Online Marketing

In this article, you are going to learn about the 7 most common mistakes that beginners make in online marketing. This is a bit longer than my usual posts but as an online entrepreneur, it is worth your time to read this for you to achieve your desired results faster. First of all, we should keep in mind that every mistake new online marketers make always comes from their lack of understanding of the 3 essential parts of every online marketing business which are:

  • Profitable Product – Every online business needs to have a product that offers good commission rates as well as something that is in demand.
  • Effective Sales Funnel – A sales funnel is the process of how you convert your website visitors into paying customers.
  • Sustainable Traffic Sources – The “traffic” that I mean is not the traffic that you see on the road. Traffic in online marketing terms simply means the number of people who visit your website

These are the 3 things every online marketing business needs to have in order to make money. If your business doesn’t have even just one of these, you will end up committing at least one of these 7 common mistakes in online marketing:

1. Going into ‘dead’ markets

In business, it is important to go into something that you’re passionate about and something that you’re really interested in. However, the reality is that sometimes what you’re passionate about is not what the marketplace wants. So, when you go into a dead market but you’re very passionate about it, you are selling a product that you absolutely love but not enough people want to buy it. An example of a dead market is electronics because people only canvas online for electronic products, but most would choose to buy those products from a physical store for easy access to service warranties, which can be difficult to avail if they bought the products online. Now to help you with this, let me give you the 3 most profitable markets online. These are the markets where it is the easiest to make money because they have already exceeded the billion dollar mark in annual sales.

  • Health – People want to look good, feel good, become healthy, and live longer. They spend lots of money to get those results.
  • Relationship – People are passionate in finding their ideal partner in life, in having a perfect marriage, in having a perfect relationship, etc.
  • Money – Everyone wants to learn how to earn more money and that is why this market is very profitable. Personally, this is my favorite market.

This list that I gave you may change because new million dollar markets are created regularly. But if you’re someone who is just starting out, these markets are the best places to begin with because there is already an established demand.

2. Having a blog but has no products to sell

A blog is basically a website where you can write about anything, post videos, share your thoughts, travels, and adventures, and even include in some recommendations for products and services. The old business formula for making money in blogging goes like this: you build a blog, you write an article once a week for the next 6 months, and then you can put on advertisements once you have enough visitors. Bloggers who use this formula hope that they will make money when people click on their ads. With this formula, you don’t have any product at all. You are just relying on advertisements and advertisements are not products. Also, ads are one of the least profitable ways to make money online. If you attempt to follow this formula, you’ll do it at a big disadvantage because people naturally hate ads. So, even if you have many visitors in your blog, it is possible that no one will click your ads. If no one clicks your ads, you won’t make money. I have seen many bloggers that are good at writing and they also write on a consistent basis. But I know they are not making any money from their blogs because they don’t have any product to sell.

3. Becoming a spammer

A spammer is someone who already gets the idea of affiliate marketing. So they have profitable products to sell but their goal is just to spread their affiliate links all over the internet. They post their products on every Facebook groups they find, such as their high school Facebook groups, photography groups, OFW groups, etc. They tell their friends about it through email or Facebook Messenger. They also go to online forums and spam the threads there with their links. Yes, spammers have products to sell, but they are selling it the wrong way. Spammers can make some money online, but it’s never going to reach the big life-changing income because they don’t have an effective sales funnel. There are two things you need in order to have an effective sales funnel. First is an autoresponder such as GetResponse. An autoresponder is an online software that allows you to capture email addresses. It also allows you to send pre-set email messages, which may also serve as your follow-up messages, to whoever gave you their email address. Now, the content of these email messages would be the value sequence. A value sequence is the ‘marketing’ element of online marketing. In order to convince or persuade someone to buy, you should first help them understand that your product can help them. Then you must motivate them to take action and do something to improve their lives. You need to put your customers in a frame of mind that:

  1. They are scared or hurt by their current situation, and
  2. They are inspired by the benefits of changing their current situation, and
  3. They believe they can change their current situation.

Now, the process of making them realize these things is delivered in your value sequence. For example, if you’re selling an investment product, your value sequence (emails) may look like this:

  1. Sharing videos or articles about the sad lives of people who reached retirement age without savings (purpose: to scare your customers a bit).
  2. Sharing success stories of people who bought your investment product and have transformed their financial lives (purpose: to motivate them).
  3. Sharing tips on how to save money on a monthly basis which they can now use for their investments (purpose: to let them know that they can change their financial lives).

If you consistently send these valuable lessons via email, your customers will slowly realize the ‘pains’ of not investing, start getting inspired by the success stories, and eventually, they will buy your product. You are not simply hoping that your customers will buy, instead, you are putting them in a sales funnel. To recap, you should realize that in order to have an effective sales funnel, you will need to have a value sequence which you will deliver through your autoresponder.

4. Spending in paid advertisements all in one go

When you are just starting out, you have two options for traffic sources or the places where your website visitors would come from. These traffic sources could be classified as free or paid. Examples of free traffic are blogging, sharing your website on Facebook, forum posting, etc. Most of the time, paid traffic sources are Facebook ads, Google ads, paying other website owners to promote your website, etc. Many new online marketers, in a rush to get visitors to their website, spend all their budget on ads all in one go. The sad part is most of the time they don’t have effective sales funnels yet, so they get a lot of traffic but no one ends up buying. This mistake is really sad and often causes aspiring online marketers to quit. One solution, so you don’t end up making this mistake, is to go for free traffic sources first until you get your first couple of sales. In that way, you can somehow test if your sales funnel is already working. You need to have an effective sales funnel FIRST before running ads, otherwise, you’re just wasting money. Another solution is you spend smaller chunks of money on ads but do it more frequently. For example, let’s say you have a budget of P10,000 for ads. You should not spend that budget all in one go, instead, maybe spend P2,000 only during the first time and see what happens. If no one buys, it means you need to adjust something. Then after you adjust, spend another P2,000 in ads, see again what happens, and adjust again if necessary. You have to keep repeating that cycle and in that way, you get to test your system. Spending your budget on ads all in one go is a wrong and expensive way to test your sales funnel.

5. Getting confused on what traffic sources to pursue

In the online marketing world, there are literally hundreds of ways to bring people to your website. Some of these are blogging, YouTube marketing, Facebook ads, forum marketing, posting in Facebook groups, etc. It might seem like a good thing but because of the sheer number of options, most new online marketers get so confused with what to do and pursue. So they end up trying everything but they don’t get any traction, momentum, and mastery and, eventually, no results so they just stop doing it and quit. To avoid this confusion, the solution is to just focus on 1-2 traffic sources and ignore the rest. Let me share with you that when I was starting out, what I did was to just blog and posted it on Facebook groups. I didn’t do FB ads, YouTube videos, or any other sources of traffic. My only priority is blogging and that’s how I made my first income online. Because I have focused on writing blogs, I was able to gain momentum, build traffic, create a reputation and, eventually, made money online.

6. Giving up too early

Starting a business and continuously growing it is one of the most challenging endeavors a person can do in his lifetime, but it is also one of the most fulfilling and exciting things in life. However, many entrepreneurs (including myself) have the tendency to underestimate the journey required to succeed. With that, allow me to show you what the journey looks like: As you can see, it’s like a stairway. It is not a straight line but rather, a series of “flatlines” and “breakthroughs.” Flatlines are the times when you’re figuring out all the technical stuff like how to set up a website, how to write emails, how to create traffic, etc. Now, the breakthroughs are the upward lines when you suddenly figured things out. The feeling is similar to when you’re stuck for hours then when you find the solution, it’s something that you can do in less than 5 minutes. This is what building an online business looks like. It is a series of flatlines then breakthroughs and after several repetitions, you will eventually make your first income online. So I’m telling you now that it is normal to feel stuck. It is normal to sit for hours in front of the computer, confused about not knowing what to do. That’s the journey you are about to experience. Unfortunately, some aspiring entrepreneurs, when they hit a flatline they start to feel stuck, they start doubting themselves, they start saying “this business is not for me” and “I can’t do this,” and then they quit. But they were on the path to success had they been a little more patient and a little more confident that they would make their business work. They don’t have confidence because no one told them that it is normal to feel stuck. So, remember that as you start, your journey will be a cycle of flatlines then breakthroughs. If you are experiencing a flatline, don’t worry because you’re on your way to the next breakthrough. Also, if you had just a breakthrough, don’t get cocky and don’t be lazy because it means that what’s up next is another flatline. Get used to the cycle and eventually, you will reach your first income online, then your first million online, and then your financial freedom.

7. Doing it yourself and doing it for free

When you are starting a business, you should give yourself the best training and use the best tools that you can afford. The reason you pay for training and premium software is to give yourself focus and save a lot of time. Newbies are often surprised at the investment required for the training. Yes, the training is usually the most expensive part of getting started. But the right way to think about this is best explained through this story:

Once upon a time, there was a steam engine that was breaking down. The owner tried one expert after another, but no one could figure out how to fix it. Then they called a local old mechanic who had been fixing boilers since he was young.

The ship’s owner waited impatiently as he was brought in. He stood watching this frail old man, hoping he would know what to do. The old man had with him a small bag of tools. He listened to the distraught engineer, asked a few questions, and then went into the boiler room. They followed him in.

The mechanic looked at the maze of twisting pipes and felt them with his hands. Then humming softly to himself, he reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the steam engine started to work!

As the machine hissed and roared back into life, the old mechanic put away his tool and left. There was much jubilation on the steamship.

Later, the owner received a bill of P10,000.

The owner said, ‘What? P10,000 for a single tap. He hardly did anything! I was prepared to pay him well, but this is outrageous!’

So the shipowner requested an itemized bill from the mechanic. And after a few days, the owner got back a bill which read:

  • Tapping with the hammer ……… P1.00
  • Knowing where to tap ……… P9,999.00
  • Total ………………………… P10,000.00

When it comes to starting an online business. All the tools you have to create a multi-million business will take you less than P10,000, but knowing how to set-up these tools together into a cohesive money-making system… that’s the REAL challenge. And that’s what you pay for in the training you get.

That concludes it for the 7 most common mistakes that beginners make in online marketing. I know this has been a long read but I hope you learned a lot from this article.



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